Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sausage puff

Make this for breakfast today....simple and fast

Source:SinaranMenu...thanks for sharing

* 1 packet puff pastry 
* 1 packet sausage
* Parmesan cheese
* 1 egg for eggwash
1- Take one piece puff pastry and spread  cheese on top.
2- Put one piece of sausage and roll neatly.Slightly cut the puff pastry with a knife.
Brush with egg and bake at 200 c for 20 min until puff turn golden.
Ready to serve.

My new baking toys

Ordered this tools with my colleagues in December 2011 but only got in January 2012.
Have not declare my steamer yet..comments from my colleagues spacious and fast heating.
My mixer, oh yes i have declared using it during the last chinese new fantastic...
Thank you Mr Wong from Trio..........

Chicken sandwich

Chicken sandwich.....this recipe i got it from my son Aidan who studied in St. Thomas in year....ah... i forgot. They prepared this sandwich during one of the school activities.
The minced chicken on the left side is already mixed with mayonaise....

Recipe: prepare two loaves of bread
1 pair of breast meat, boil and minced
1 bombay onion, minced
Fried minced garlic
a pinch of salt
a pinch of pepper

Mix all the above ingredients and spread on the bread.